[Invitation] International Webinar on Palm Oil-based Biofuels Policy and Socio-Environmental Impacts in Asia

2021년 9월 2일

Home to the world’s largest palm oil industries, Asia suffers some of the most devastating impact of unsustainable biofuels. Such challenges require immediate policy changes to safeguard our climate, environment and society while Asian countries promote renewable energy in their jurisdictions.

In this Webinar, civil society representatives from South Korea, Indonesia, Japan and the European Union will share their insights into the state of palm oil-based biofuels sourcing, production and consumption policy. Speakers will further the discussion on biofuels in the following three sub-themes: 1) biofuels supply chain impacts and investment risks in Asia, 2) recent policy trend and suggestion and 3) lessons from local and advocacy experiences.

We encourage those who are interested and/or working in energy, sustainability, human rights, conservation and environmental justice to join this Webinar. This virtual event would also be an informative opportunity for investment and public fund analysts.


Date & Time Monday, September 13, 2021, 16:00–18:15 KST
Venue Online (Zoom)
Registration https://forms.gle/fFsUfGUEKR7bPa496, by the start of the event
Organizers ·       Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC)

·       Korea Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM)

·       Advocates for Public Interest Law (APIL)

Objectives ·       Discuss key findings of the report “No Good Oil to Burn: State of Biofuels Policy in S. Korea”

·        Break the myth of carbon neutrality and sustainability claims of biofuels

·       Draw policy linkages among key supply chain actors of palm oil and discuss the role of civil society organizations

·       Share lessons learned from the EU, Japan, South Korea and Indonesia and from policy advocacy experiences in Asian countries

·               Raise the profile of supply chain risks of palm oil-based bioenergy investment

Language ·       English (with simultaneous interpretation in Korean)


Time Event
16:00–16:10 Welcoming and Introduction

Soojin Kim, Solutions for Our Climate (SFOC)

16:10–17:40 Presentations

1)    Overview of S. Korea’s biofuels policy and key findings of “No Good Oil to Burn: State of Biofuels Policy in S. Korea”

Shin Young Chung, Advocates for Public Interest Law (APIL)

2)    Legal and policy trends of palm oil-based biofuels in the EU

Laura Buffet, Energy Director, Transport & Environment (T&E)

3)    Japanese biofuels policy trend and supply chain risks
Sayoko Iinuma, Global Environmental Forum (GEF)

4)    Understanding Indonesia’s domestic biofuel production, consumption, and trade policy
Ricky Amukti, Engagement Manager, Traction Energy Asia (TEA)

5)     Biofuel supply chain risks in Indonesia—sharing local community perspectives

Dimas N. Hartono, Director, WALHI Central Kalimantan

17:40–18:10 Q&A and Discussion

Moderator: Hye Lyn Kim, International Solidarity Coordinator, Korea Federation for Environmental Movements (KFEM)

18:10–18:15 Concluding Remarks


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